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“Jesus, holy ghost, God of Zechariah help me” – lady’s dramatic reaction during nose piercing causes stir online

In a recent social media spectacle, a Nigerian woman stirred up a flurry of discussions as she underwent the process of nose piercing, an event that unfolded with dramatic intensity. The captivating video, humorously captioned as ‘Your friend tried to be a baddie,’ documented the journey of the lady accompanied by her male friend as they ventured to a designated location for the piercing.

As the footage progressed, the camera focused on the woman, her countenance bearing a mix of anticipation and anxiety, reflective of the impending nose piercing. The atmosphere escalated when the piercing instrument’s button was activated, prompting an exclamation from the lady that echoed across social media: “Jesus, Holy Ghost, God of Zechariah, God, help me.”

This outburst of spiritual pleas during the seemingly routine act of nose piercing became a focal point, capturing the attention of a myriad of individuals on social media.

The comment section of the post transformed into a virtual forum where users shared their diverse thoughts and reactions to the unexpected manifestation of religious fervor during this cosmetic endeavor. The video, while intended to showcase a fashionable transformation, inadvertently became a talking point, sparking conversations and reflections on the unpredictable ways in which individuals express their beliefs in the most unexpected situations.

See some reactions below:

JaYJaY💪🏽❤️📌: “Na Holy Ghost send you ?”

e4ma 🦋: “Am sorry…. But I can’t stop laughing.”

Blessing ❤️: “Holy ghost, is paying me oooo🤣😂🤣😂can’t stop laughing.”

Emelie 💝: “they didn’t do it well na.”

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