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Hilarious Viral Video shows Ghanaian Man Claims Driver Stopped To Give Passengers A Chance To Fear Women

A viral video features a passenger making a humorous but absurd claim about a driver stopping the car mid-journey

A hilarious video has taken the internet by storm, featuring a passenger who made an outlandish claim while disembarking from a moving vehicle, leaving viewers in stitches.

In the video, the passenger alleges that the driver halted the car mid-journey to allow passengers to ponder the mysteries of women and fear them. However, this assertion is clearly absurd and far from the truth.

Meanwhile, a hilarious Ghanaian man has caused massive confusion in a public transport that was headed for Madina, which is located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Halfway through the journey, the gentleman asked the bus conductor to restate where the vehicle was headed, and upon the mate’s response, he decided to get down altogether.

The driver angrily stops car and gets down In another story, a frustrated Ghanaian ‘trotro’ driver based in Kumasi has recently taken many aback after a video of his unusual reaction towards passengers’ discussion surfaced The clip captured him stopping his vehicle and insisting that those on board stop talking about politics else he would not continue the journey.

People’s react to claim that driver stopped for passengers to fear women

While the passenger’s statement was undoubtedly a facetious exaggeration, it serves as a reminder of the quirky and amusing moments that can arise in everyday life, providing a much-needed dose of humour in the digital sphere.

Below are some of the comments it generated.

Abanga John commented:

He should have let you guys rent room there, relax and fear women before leaving

Micheal Kese indicated:

You don’t have to allow him continue the journey, he’s not in a stable condition

Nana Adwoa Arhin stated:

The driver didn’t do well at all….. you should have used 23hours to fear women and used the remaining hour to fear who don’t fear women.

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