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Alternatives for Youtube Monetization

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If you use video content, don’t forget about YouTube monetization.

Generally, people integrate their YouTube channel with Google AdSense in order to earn ad revenue. But you can also use the Adsense alternatives for Youtube mentioned below.

These alternative networks are an effective way to monetize your video content:

AdRev – This alternative helps to promote your YouTube channel as well as protect your video content. You can easily monitor your earnings and the minimum payout is $10 via PayPal.

Freedom – This integrates with your YouTube channel with multiple platforms as well as connecting you with other creators to boost your business. There are no contracts and there’s no minimum payout via PayPal.
Fullscreen Media – This global network serves brand opportunities to secure deals that fit your content using a variety of ad formats. There is a $50 threshold before you can get a payout.

Maker Studio – This alternative is a digital network that is integrated with the Disney network to boost your channel through promotional opportunities. There is zero commitment to join and payments are sent via PayPal.
Machinima – This aims to deliver your content to a targeted audience as well as using brands to widely distribute content. Payment is via PayPal, but there is a 3 years contract to join the service.

Which Adsense Alternative is Best?

So which Adsense alternative is best for your website or blog?

Well, the answer is: it depends. But if you want to maximize your ad earnings, you might want to consider Mediavine.

Mediavine is a private AdSense alternative that only accepts high-quality sites and those with a minimum of 30,000 pageviews or 25,000 sessions a month.

They manage your ad server, helping you optimize placements of ads, putting in better price controls, removing middlemen and working directly with advertisers on your behalf.

Due to them not just accepting anyone, they are able to negotiate better deals and most sites see an increase in earnings when using Mediavine when compared to AdSense.

Here are a few good resources about them:

Mediavine for Bloggers

What is Mediavine?

Mediavine Review When it comes to switching ad networks, it’s always worth experimenting to see which performs best for your site before fully moving over to an Adsense alternative.

Who doesn’t want to make more money?

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AdSense may be one of the most well-known methods of monetizing your website. There are plenty of alternatives to Google AdSense, though, you’d want to try if you’re not getting the results you want or you’re looking to diversify your revenue streams.

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