Reatcions as Kim Kardashian West files for divorce from Kanye West

Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West

Kim Kardashian West has filed for divorce from Kanye West, a court clerk for Los Angeles Superior Court.
The two, who married in a lavish wedding in Italy in 2014, have been living apart for some time.

West has reportedly been living at their home in Wyoming, while Kardashian West has stayed in California with their children.

The couple have four children together. Daughter North was born in 2013, followed by a son, Saint, in 2015, daughter, Chicago, in 2018, and son, Psalm, in 2019.

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The couple supported each other through tough times, including Kardashian West being robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016 during a home invasion.

she wrote in a statement shared on social media.

“He is a brilliant but complicated person who on top of the pressures of being an artist and a black man, who experienced the painful loss of his mother, and has to deal with the pressure and isolation that is heightened by his bi-polar disorder. Those who are close with Kanye know his heart and understand his words some times do not align with his intentions.”


Bomb @smuckersbytyler
just hope Kanye is surrounded by ppl that genuinely care about him man.

Def Jam Recordings @defjam
“I do not like the word ambitious. I’m Kanye West. The word ambitious is beneath my abilities. I’m just a doer. You can see in my eyes there’s not one bit of fear.” – Kanye West

Ch @Chief44445
kanye riding an atv away from the ambulance that showed up at his compound is an instant classic & mood

Michael McKean @MJMcKean
Ironic: Kanye has retained the hologram of Robert Kardashian to represent him in the divorce proceedings.

All Love Hip Hop @AllLoveHipHop
Almost everything Kanye West has done since marrying Kim looked like it was to make her and his family happy. Kim filing for divorce worries me man…

I truly hope they’re both doing okay and everything works out for them, hearing Kanye’s music you can tell how much she means.

Shamar English @english_shamar
Kanye West is about to get a divorce and all people can think about is him making a hypothetical 808s part 2 album. People are strange.

Pheebs (your fav fat gal) @fatpheebs
With all this Kim and Kanye news please remember to NOT use stigmatising language, phrasing or remarks about Bipolar Disorder. Kanye West might not read it, but your friends living with Bipolar Disorder will.

pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @pixelatedboat
Kim Kardashian visited at night by three holograms telling her not to divorce Kanye

Ryan @YeezyTaughtMe72
If you are excited about the possibility of new Kanye music because of his divorce with Kim

Then u are dead to me as a person

The Hoarse Whisperer @TheRealHoarse
I deleted my joke about Kanye’s fictitious kids Nine, Turbo and Pepsi because it’s Friday and life is too short to spend it explaining to concern trolling morons on Twitter that this is an adult website… for adults.


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