Saturday, January 15, 2022

Reactions of a viral video of little baby doing Push-up without excuses to other babies

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A viral video of a little baby doing push-up / press-up on social media has got people talking about the and their kids without no excuses after watching the video.

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coolfoxy828 said; With them little hamhock thighs 😍😍🥰 so cute!!

krystinthegreat1 said; Leave dat handsome baby alone

wardasworld7 said; Now I have no excuses. Lololol. He so cute

mrzwebb said; That baby planking!!!! Lmao love it

kathirobinson said; Now this is a shame. This baby can do more push ups than me!! And looks CUTER than me working out!!! 😍

elsamboi said; Gotta hussle 4 da muscle 😂

beads_by_the_bag_lady said; That’s right dad even tho that’s his little move he is doing Puch ups and starting that training now he is going to be something amazing

lorraine2111 said; He’s just so ador

cassybfit said; I freaking love this ❤️

faty.99xoxo said; That baby is so damn CUTE i wanna kiss him

krzy4christ said; That is amazing!!!!

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