Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Why I Can’t Date A Broke Man — Actor IK Ogbonna’s Ex-Wife, Sonia

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According to ellasblog9ja on Instagram –  Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna’s ex-wife Sonia has blasted all men who are not conversant with their current financial status.

According to her, men who doesn’t have regular source of income are always insecure with every situation.

She continued that, they tend to relate everything to financial issues which makes it difficult to have them as your own.

She’s completely right I mean who wants to babysit a man. I mean she obviously must be financially stable to utter this statement so to each its truth

I ain’t saying she is a gold digger but she ain’t messing with no broke guys 😂😂😂

Is she rich,? Work hard baby. Stop being a too hate women who depend on them intend of finance

Hope she’s not broke too

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Is she Dangote daughter?

Y’all saying shit, read and understand first…..she isn’t saying she can’t date a broke guy, but she is giving reasons y she prefers not to date someone dat is broke….and her reason is bcus dey re always insecure, and she is right cus av been there….Due to the fact that dey don’t àv a steady income or their business rises nd fall, it makes Dem insecure in d sense dat they feel you would leave Dem cus of their bad financial status….So they always want to be controlling and monitoring…. They don’t want u to go out,if u aren’t with dem or make new friends cus dey fear dat u will get to meet pple better than Dem nd leave…. So due to their insecurities, d relationship is always facing one issue or d other…. And u can also say a little bit toxic……that my own point though…….


You dated ik, infact married him. So what is your point inspirational speaker?

But you date ik? Infected married. So inspirational speaker what do you mean?

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