Saturday, July 2, 2022

“People Are Hungry” – Lizzy Anjorin Sends Message To Lagos Governor After Placing COVID-19 Restrictions

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Popular Nigerian actress and entrepreneur, Lizzy Anjorin has begged the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Olusola Sanwo Olu, not to shut down shops and businesses because people are hungry.

In a post she made on her Instagram page, Lizzy Anjorin posited that poverty kills fast more than COVID-19 adding that when businesses are closed down and restrictions placed on shops are enforced, there is the possibility of chaos.

She said;

”Mr Governor, I have a special message for you. You said, there’s a second wave of coronavirus and all that, I beg you in the name of all almighty Allah, let people go and do their businesses. Please, release them. Poverty is more deadly than coronavirus.

People are hungry. I don’t know maybe you have neighbours, I don’t know if you mix up with people. But, Mr governor, things are hard for everybody, both the rich and the middle class.

So a situation whereby you lock people down with again, they won’t come with #endsars again, they would go and reform and come back to strike bringing everything down before your eye.”

He who has ears should hear🙏

Dem go bullet this man like play …. Nigerians are hungry . Things are hard and you are closing everything …. Lagos go hot like fire if care is not taking….

crown_comfort_ unless man when they told people stay what did they do to no food nothing they don’t have human feelings he should go and park well mr governor

But truth be told, I don’t fnk this is about endsars protest all countries are locking down again & u fnk Nigeria is immune?They can’t even afford d isolation centres anymore, it’s better we take a step back and take precautions.from last week ppl bn dieing serzly no matter ur class and u ppl are joking bout it.Second wave is gonna be more deadly and it’s really spreading fast..

Why all this politician so heartless, when are they going to stop this wicked act

My Governor mr sanwo olu, pls for d sake of God & Allah nd my mother grave am begging u, I Dnt v anybody ña dis waitress wey I dey do I dey use take care of my younger sisters 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Pls My Governor sanwo olu help me , may d lord continue to bless u nd ur home👏👏👏#

Thanks ma’am. You are correct..

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