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How to flash a phone with a computer

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If you want to use your smartphone with a new data storage, you will have to flash it first.

Flashing means the same as reprogramming. You can choose to take the gadget to an authorized phone dealer and have a flashing procedure done.

However, this will not be free. You may wantto learn how to flash a phone by yourself! Read the article to know how to do it for Android and Iphone.

How to flash Android phone with computer (PC )with USB cable? First of all, you have to ensure you have at least 50% level of battery.

Check your firmware compatibility as well. The Stock Firmware or Custom ROM can be downloaded from appropriate websites.

Step-by-step guide:

  1.  Upload an Android USB Driver into the Hard Drive Disc of your computer.
  2.  If you already have one, just skip this step. Remove your phone battery.
  3. Google and download Stock ROM or Custom ROM that need to be Flashed on your device.
  4.  Extract the installation files on your PC. Download and install the Smartphone Flash software to your PC.
  5. Start the installed program. After you open it, you will see this interface:
  6. When all the required firmware programes are downloaded, you can start the second stage of the flashing process.
  7. As soon as you launch your Smart Phone Flash Software you can start Download.
  8. Afterwards click on the Scatter-Loading icon. Search for the Scatter File.

  9. It will be stored in the extracted Stock ROM folder. Start the Download process by clicking on the corresponding button. It will launch Flashing procedure as well.
  10. Connect your Android phone to PC with USB cord (if the battery is portable, you need to remove it).
  11. After you connect both devices, press Volume Down or Up button.
  12. It will help your PC to automatically identify your smartphone.
  13. As soon as Flashing process is done, you will see a Green Ring on your screen.
  14. Now you can close the Flashing software and disconnect your phone.

How to flash an iPhone?

The process here is very similar to the Android method.

It involves the update of the firmware just like in the above. Basically, all you have to do is to upload the newer version of the device system.

You will find a lot of new features of the OS that increase the iPhone’s performance and level of compatibility.

This process will also require attaching your device to PC and starting iTunes device management program.


1. Connect your iPhone to PC.

2. Start iTunes.
3. Click on the icon with name of your device.
4. Choose “Check for Updates” option.

If there are any updating softwares to be installed to your device, you will get a notice about it.

However, if there are no updates available, it will not be possible to flash your smartphone for now.

5. Choose “Download and Install” option in the section of available updates in iTunes.

Please, do not use your smartphone when the update is being performed.

Also, do not try to disconnect your device from the PC, as it will ruin all the updating installation.

All the required firmware updates will be downloaded to one of your PC folders from iTunes. That means you will be ready to flash your device.

6. Flashing will erase the firmware that was already installed to your iPhone. Don’t worry! The new one will take its place instead.

All the data and files from the phone’s memory stock will synchronize with the device as soon as flashing is completed.

Congratulations! You are done!


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