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7 kinds of friends you should totally avoid for better life

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7 Kinds of friends you should totally avoid for better life

Friendship is not bought, its earned just like love and trust. So, do you choose the people you call friends? Absolutely! Are there some of those friends you can do without? Of course!
Friendship is never bought, it’s earned

These are question need to be ask all time :And are there the kinds of friends you already have that you should avoid?

Here are seven types of friends you could totally stay away from.

1.) Those who don’t mean you well

Having people you call friends who’s desire is to see your downfall are examples of friends you should throw out of your life. These people tell you nothing good about yourself and NEVER show concern or appreciation for your hard work and they don’t help you when you need it.

2.) Fiends who backbite

People who speak evil about you behind your back should be avoided. These people always feel jealous of you and your achievements. They want others to feel the same so they talk about your secret flaws to those who love and trust you… all in a bid to turn them against you too.

3.) Those friends who pretend

Pretenders are nobody’s friends. These people do nothing but lie in front of you day in day out. Honestly, they don’t give a shit about you at all. All they care about is themselves and what they hope to achieve through you. They smile with you and do all they can to bring your downfall when you least expected it.

4.) The Friends who talk a lot

There’s some good and bad in people who talk a whole lot. The good thing is, they keep you company in those dark and gloomy days and try to bring laughter in your life with their stories. But just as they tell you about other people, they also tell other people about you. It hard for them to control what comes out from their mouth and that’s not a good sign.

5.) Those who get closer to your partners more than yourself

People or friends who get so friendly with your spouse or partners or your kids are dangerous. These people come into your life and then become your partners’ or children’s best friend all of a sudden. It could sound ok for some of you but it’s super dangerous because they could break up your relationship with one lie, the truth or an action. Keep friends close but not close enough to hurt you.

6.) Friends who love to borrow your items

One thing than can break up any relationship faster than distance is money. Your friend borrows money from you and assures you of the date he/she will pay back… then they don’t! These situations get so bitter and nasty it could lead to family wars, enmity or even death. Also, those friends who love borrowing clothes, jewelries, shoes etc. Keep them at arms-length.

7.) People who are always right

These group of people always think of themselves as higher or bigger than everyone else. They are so proud and over confident, it’s annoying. They always interrupt you speech because they know the end. They always want to tell you what to do best because they think they are better than you. They want to solve your problems just to take all the glory. They always tell others, “if it wasn’t for me she/her wouldn’t be able to do…”. These people should be avoided asap!

those are the 7 kinds of friends you should totally avoid

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